xypex Manjung Power Station

Manjung Power Station


Prior to Xypex, previous efforts at waterproofing this structure had failed. Xypex Concentrate and Patch'n Plug were then selected and applied to remedy extensive cracking in the plant’s concrete and the coal unloading wharf. Xypex successfully repaired cracks and waterproofed and protected the ‘Station’ against chlorides and acidic coal dust.

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  • Two-Prong Approach to Protect Concrete in Harshest Environments

    Concrete Beton Magazine - Nov 2019
    Many wastewater collection and treatment systems around the world are in need of repair or replacement because they have lost strucutral integrity due to MIC. The breakdown of wastewater infrastructure allows increased infiltration of runoff and groundwater adding additional load to already stretched treatment plants, and also the leakage of wastewater into the environment along deteriorated conveyance systems.

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  • New Admixture Provides Lasting Sewer Protection

    Precast Magazine - Oct 2019
    Concrete additive supplier, Xypex Chemical Corporation, has introduced an infrastructure-sparing admixture that provides antimicrobial and waterproofing properties for concrete products in sewer environments.

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  • Waterproofing Admixtures

    Waterproofing Magazine - Fall 2019
    Integral waterproofing offers a number of advantages over coatings and membranes. For instance, integral waterproofing can’t be torn or damaged during backfill, and will not delaminate, decompose or wear out. If major cracks do develop, integral waterproofing can easily be repaired from the inside (negative side) of the structure.

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  • Combination of Antimicrobial and Crystalline Waterproofing for Enhanced Concrete Corrosion Protection

    Concrete Plant International – Worldwide English Edition – August 2018
    Xypex Chemical Corp., a global provider of concrete waterproofing and protection solutions, recently announced Bio-San C500, a new admixture to protect concrete against multiple forms of corrosion attack by combining a potent antimicrobial with Xypex Crystalline Technology waterproofing.

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  • Quality Septic Tanks Begin in the Forms

    Concrete Plant International – North America Edition – June 2010
    Some things are better off left buried and the longer the better. Septic tanks top this list. That’s one of the reasons why ABC Precast & Ready Mix of Nanaimo, British Columbia, has turned to advanced sewage treatment systems to make sure concrete tanks remain the product of choice for residents of British Columbia.

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  • WWTP Upgrade Gets Crystalline Waterproofing Protection

    Concrete Plant International – Worldwide English Edition – October 2015
    As part of a larger sanitary sewer improvements project, Alliance Water Resources is constructing the Sandfort Creek Lift Station in St. Charles, Mo., for East Central Missouri Water and Sewer Authority (ECMWSA), a not-for-profit corporation formed by Public Water Supply District #2 of St. Charles County to provide water and sewer utility services to areas... 

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