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Concrete cracks. And when power and utility structures are involved, cracks, combined with hydrostatic pressure can spell trouble for this vital infrastructure. Once moisture enters a crack and reaches reinforcing steel, it triggers an expansive oxidation process that corrodes the structure from the inside. Freeze-thaw cycles and other challenging climate conditions only accelerate the damage.

That’s why Xypex Crystalline Technology is specified throughout the world for waterproofing, protection and repair of critical infrastructure such as power and utility structures. Whether applied to the surface, used as a concrete admixture or incorporated in crack and joint repair, Xypex technology extends the service life of power and utility structures.

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Carty Generation Station

Boardman, OR, USA

The Carty Generation Station project marks a significant breakthrough in the power and utilities industry, focusing on sustainable energy through the transition from coal to natural gas power generation. Located in Boardman, Oregon, within the wind-swept Columbia Gorge, the project faced unique challenges due to the high winds and temperature extremes characteristic of the area.

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Spolar Power Plants - Transformer stations, Fire water tanks

Accros the Country, Hungary

In Hungary, as in other countries around the world, the harnessing of solar energy for direct energy production is increasingly becoming popular. Recent years have seen the construction of several small and notably more powerful solar power plants. These solar parks aim to further decrease Hungary's reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the emissions of harmful substances.

Jing Hong Hydropower Dam

Lancang (Mekong) River in Yunnan Province, China

The Jing Hong Hydropower Dam, situated on the Lancang (Mekong) River in Yunnan Province, China, stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Constructed between 2004 and 2009, this roller-compacted dam reaches a towering height of 108 meters, boasting a storage capacity of 1.14 billion m3 of water and a generation capacity of 1.75 million kW.

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Glass City Metropark

Toledo, Ohio, USA

The concrete producer, Kuhlman Corporation, collaborated with Xypex to find a suitable waterproofing system for the below-grade utility vault. After evaluating various products and applications, Xypex Admix C-500, a specialized crystalline waterproofing admixture, was selected over traditional membranes.

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Lujiang Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project

Hefei, Anhui Province, China

Domestic waste incineration power generation is currently the most effective method and innocuous treatment of domestic waste, with the lowest impact on the environment. To achieve the goal of total waste incineration and zero landfill, Hefei has built five household waste incineration power generation stations. Lujiang is one of them, with a daily treatment capacity of 500 tons. Aware that Xypex is a permanent treatment, it was chosen to waterproof and protect the concrete surface. And because of its environmentally friendly, non-toxic performance characteristics, Xypex Concentrate was used on the garbage leachate mediation tanks and discharge platforms.