White Papers

Downloadable White Papers discuss technical details of the science behind Xypex Crystalline Technology and its application in specific situations.

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Sustainability of concrete Structures with Crystalline Technology

The sustainability of a concrete structure is inextricably tied to both its strength and durability and can be defined as environmental impact over lifetime performance. By increasing the performance of concrete and its service life and...

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Protecting Precast Sewage Structures with Crystalline Technology

While Xypex Admixtures and Coatings are recognized throughout the world as reliable treatments for the waterproofing and protection of both new and existing concrete structures, the ability of Xypex Crystalline Technology to improve reinforced...

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Elevator Pit Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology

The following whitepaper evaluates various elevator pit waterproofing methods based on their reliability, accessibility and long-term durability. Particular emphasis is placed on crystalline waterproofing and its application as a long-term solution in new...