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Xypex Method Statements provide detailed information on standard coating installation procedures for waterproofing, protection, and repair of concrete.

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Bio-San C500 Specific Details

Filling Tie Holes in Xypex Bio-San C500 Concrete

Crack Repair in Xypex Bio-San C500 Treated Concrete

Repair of Defective Bio-San Concrete, Rock Pockets or Honeycombs

Coating Application Details

Xypex Coating Installation & General Information

Negative Side Waterproofing of Below Grade Concrete

Waterproofing of CMU & Concrete Block Walls

Fast-Track Coating System

Application of Thinset, Stucco, etc. onto Xypex Coatings

Waterproofing of Dry Mix Shotcrete/Existing Concrete Pools

New Construction Details

Waterproofing Concrete Tie Holes Using Xypex Products

Waterproofing Details for Shotcrete/Pneumatically Placed Concrete Walls

Xypex Waterproofing of Annular Spaces

Repair Details

Repair of Cracks & Faulty Construction Joints

Repair of Slab Interface Joints

Concentrate / Patch’n Plug Blends – Repair Mortar

Repair of Defective Concrete, Rock Pockets or Honeycombs

Pipe Through Wall/Slab Repair Procedures

Repair of Leaking Tie Holes

Waterproofing Stone And Brick Walls

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