For over 50 years, Xypex has been trusted by design professionals, engineers and contractors to:

  • Resist hydrostatic pressure
  • Permanently seal hairline cracks
  • Reactivate and self-heal whenever water is present
  • Provide chemical resistance
  • Reduce short and long-term costs
  • Save on construction time and on site labour
  • Extend the service life of concrete


New Product


Xypex Crystalline Technology

Xypex waterproofing system creates a crystalline structure deep within the pores of the concrete to prevent penetration of water & chemicals.

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Admixtures, Surface Applied Coatings and Concrete Repair Products

Our innovative approach to concrete waterproofing is the basis of all Xypex admixtures, surface-applied coatings and dry-shakes that waterproof concrete structures, repair concrete cracks and protect against aggressive chemical attack.

Feature Projects

Xypex products and services are available in over 90 countries. Being There means we know the territory and that knowledge benefits our customers. We look forward to your inquiries. Explore our expanding list of project profiles to learn how Xypex Crystalline Technology waterproofs, protects and repairs concrete.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Phase III & Phase IV


Due to the success of the Xypex surface-applied and repair system in various projects, the Delhi Metro engineering team consulted Xypex to provide a waterproofing solution for phase III. The engineering team specified Xypex Admix C-2000 NF and Xypex Concentrate for the waterproofing of phase III underground stations in conjunction with spray applied membranes on the rooftop slab.

Marina Structures

Lafarge Cement Plant, Volos


For this project, Xypex Concentrate was applied in a single layer over 11,200 m2 of surface. With the Xypex Concentrate coating in place, both the existing and new concrete in the piers and girders have reduced chloride permeability resulting in extended time to corrosion and increasing the service life of the structure.


Chishi Bridge


Xypex applications thus began in April of 2016, with Xypex Concentrate being applied within the interior of the affected box girder, areas of the bridge deck, Pylon P6 and various related concrete components. Through strict process management and control during the treatment of approximately 10,000 square meters of internal and external surfaces, the application of Xypex proved a complete success, ensuring the ‘healing’ of a residual of cracks as well as the restoration of integrity and durability throughout the stress-impacted concretes.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer


The addition of Xypex Admix to protect precast concrete structures such as tunnel segments is a great example of how projects can offsite certain construction steps and save time and labor,” says Bradford-Dice. “Xypex Admix not only replaces other types of waterproofing such as membranes and coatings, but also provides protection against microbial induced corrosion so common and potentially damaging in sewer structures.

Water Treatment Plants

Mitchell Water Treatment Plant


The city of Greensboro, NC’s Mitchell Water Treatment plant is over 60 years old. The plant needed significant repairs including the resurfacing of the walls in the east and west flocculation and sedimentation basins where erosive wear due to backwashing of filter media. Over 100,000 square feet of walls were rehabilitated while the plant remained operational. This project was completed to the great satisfaction of the owner with significant operational and cost savings achieved over the replacement option.

General Construction Foundation

Setia Spice Convention Centre


Xypex Admix C-1000 NF, Xypex Concentrate, and Xypex Modified were used to waterproof more than 50,000 m2 of ‘exposed’ concrete structures throughout the entire Setia Spice Convention Centre complex, including the subterranean basement structures, concrete water tanks, internal wet areas, swimming pool, roof gardens and the concrete flat roof were all waterproofed and protected using Xypex products.

Water Treatment Plants

Sorek Desalination Plant


The project used over 300 tonnes of Xypex C-500 NF Admixture as well as Xypex Concentrate and Xypex Patch’n Plug for joints and other works. Xypex is proud to have been a part of this highly successful project.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Chatham Park WWTP


Due to the potentially high levels of H2S in the Bioreactor McKim & Creed, the engineers of record specified the use of a high build acid resistant coating to protect the concrete. Bowen Engineering proposed to the engineers Xypex Bio-San C500 as an alternate to this coating because it contains Xypex’s antimicrobial crystalline technology. This technology protects the concrete from microbial induced corrosion by killing the acid-producing bacteria. It also contains crystalline technology thereby providing watertight, chemically resistant concrete at the same time. Thus, Xypex Bio-San C500 provides similar protection of the concrete while eliminating the long term maintenance requirements associated with periodic replacement of protective coatings.


Komunardů XXXV

Czech Republic

SEBRE a.s., the developer of this project, trusted Xypex’s concrete waterproofing technology to permanently waterproof the three-story below-grade concrete. This successful project was made possible by the support provided by Xypex’s official representative, Nekap, during the pre-project and project execution phases.