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Performing in Harsh Industrial Environments

Harsh industrial environments require concrete decking, structures and underground infrastructure that can meet the most extreme tests. Constant exposure to extreme weather, hydrostatic pressure, sulphates, chlorides, and other aggressive chemicals requires concrete that remains impermeable to ingress of moisture and harsh chemicals.

Whether specified as a concrete admixture, a surface-applied protective coating or a patching and repair agent for joints and cracks, Xypex Crystalline Technology works to protect concrete and extend its lifecycle. Proven in thousands of projects, in all types of industrial applications, Xypex is specified throughout the world wherever concrete waterproofing is required.

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Sayga Flour Mills Basement

Khartoum North (Bahri), Sudan

Sayga Flour Mills, the largest flour mill in Sudan and a flagship operation of DAL Group, embarked on a crucial rehabilitation project to address the persistent issue of water infiltration in its basement. This site serves a vital role in distributing flour products throughout Sudan and exporting to neighboring countries. Maintaining the integrity of the facility was paramount. The rehabilitation project spanned from December 2018 to February 2019, focusing on the basement area of the plant located in the industrial heartland of Khartoum North (Bahri).


Morouj Flour Mills

Khartoum North (Bahri), Sudan

The construction of the Morouj Flour Mills in Khartoum North (Bahri), Sudan, Morouj Commodities Co. Ltd faced significant environmental and logistical challenges. Positioned in the Bahri industrial area, the project site was susceptible to elevated groundwater levels, presenting a considerable risk of water ingress and potential concrete degradation over time. This challenge was compounded by the size of the project which required the coordination of concrete delivery from various ready-mix plants across the region, a task that demanded meticulous quality control to ensure consistency of the concrete used.

Ezz Steel

Sadat, Egypt

Beton Technical Office's consulting team, in partnership with the contractor, United for Waterproofing, used Xypex Admix C-1000 NF to waterproof the roofs and water tanks of Ezz Steel's facilities in Sadat City, Egypt. 

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Al Kadaro New Slaughterhouse Water Treatment Plant, Khartoum

Khartoum, Sudan

Sudan, celebrated for its extensive livestock resources with an estimated 104 million heads of food animals (cows, sheep, goats and others), aimed to bolster its meat export capabilities through the new Al Kadaro Slaughterhouse. This facility, sprawled across a land area of 210,000 m2 in the Al Kadaro area, Bahri, boasts a building area of 18,000 m2. Equipped with the latest technology to meet international standards, the slaughterhouse was inaugurated in September 2019, significantly enhancing the Sudanese economy by facilitating meat exports and contributing positively to economic growth.

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ETI Aluminum SludgeTank Rehabilitation

Anatolia, Turkey

For the concrete unsuitable for repairs, Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was placed to rehabilitate the tank by casting a new concrete layerthe over the pre-existent structure, corners were chamfered using Xypex Patch‘n Plug.

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