Meeting the Challenge

Protecting Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure

Microbial induced corrosion and water infiltration are the two major problems common to sewage collection and wastewater treatment structures. Unattended or poorly treated, these problems result in the rapid deterioration of concrete structures with the consequence of costly rehabilitation and significantly reduced service life. It’s a situation and challenge well known to engineers and municipalities the world over as they address the ever-increasing demand for structures that will meet the growing demands of industry, the environment, economics, and the need for improved water supply and sanitation.

Xypex has over 50 years experience in the waterproofing and protection of the concrete infrastructure of cities and is up to the challenge. Our Xypex Crystalline Technology has been proven in rehabilitated as well as new sewage and wastewater treatment structures and is considered the best at handling chemical attack in severe biochemical conditions and resisting water infiltration even under extreme hydrostatic pressure.

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