FCM 80

FCM 80 is specifically designed for repairing cracks subject to movement, sealing construction joints, restoring deteriorated concrete, and waterproofing concrete structures.


FCM 80 has exceptional adhesive and elongation characteristics and is often used in conjunction with the Xypex Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing and Protection System. FCM is a two component product consisting of a specialized liquid polymer dispersion and a cementitious powder. These components are mixed just prior to application.


Recommended for:

  • Moving Cracks
  • Construction Joints
  • Deteriorated Concrete Surfaces
  • Concrete Block Walls
  • Balconies, Terraces, and Planters
  • Water-holding Structures
  • Sewage and Water Treatment Tanks
  • Marine Structures
  • Thermal Contraction and Expansion


  • Flexible
  • Superior elongation properties
  • Excellent adhesive qualities
  • Impermeable to water and chlorides
  • Breathable, seamless
  • Durable, retains properties in climatic extremes
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free, odorless
  • Effective when subjected to thermal contraction and expansion


The Xypex FCM 80 is packaged in a carton as a unit (kit), which includes the liquid component (1.06 U.S. gallon / 4 litre bottle) and the powder component (22 lb. / 10 kg pail). For larger projects, customized packaging is available; contact the manufacturer for details.


When mixed, one unit will cover an estimated 28 sq. ft. (2.6 m2) at a two-coat application thickness of 1/8 in. (3 mm).
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