The Permanent Solution

Xypex Crystalline Technology

Xypex products use the natural porosity of concrete and chemical diffusion to penetrate its pores and capillaries. Inside the concrete, Xypex chemicals react with the by-products of cement hydration to form a non-soluble crystalline structure deep within the substrate. In this condition, the concrete becomes impermeable, preventing the penetration of liquids and chemicals from any direction even under extreme hydrostatic pressure. The chemical resistant properties of the crystalline structure prevent the effects of attack by chemicals used in the treatment process.


The Xypex Advantage

Xypex Crystalline Technology works inside the concrete, thereby avoiding the problems typical of traditional barrier products.

  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Not subject to the deterioration problems encountered by coatings
  • Self-heals static cracks up to 0.5 mm (0.02 in)
  • Permanent and reactivates whenever water is present
  • May be applied on negative or positive side of concrete surface
  • Non-toxic; approved for use with potable water

Proven Performance Worldwide

Comprehensive quality systems and standards along with thorough testing in the lab and the field have resulted in Xypex’s highly respected position in the concrete industry. Xypex has been extensively tested by independent testing laboratories in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe and other countries.

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