Xypex Selected to Help Meet Superior Environmental Standards

The Academy of Science in San Francisco, designed by Renzo Piano emphasizes light, fluidity and transparency and incorporates a 2.5 acre Living Roof, recycled and natural materials, and a photovoltaic ‘solar halo’ which provides a minimum of 10% of the structure’s energy requirements. The Academy was designed with superior environmental standards in mind, striving for the highest LEED rating possible: Platinum. The non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics of Xypex made it the ideal choice for the waterproofing and protection of the 4,000 cu. yds. of concrete used to construct the building’s foundation slab and walls. Over 48,000 lbs. of Xypex C-500 were used on this innovative structure.

Architect: Gordon H. Chong and Partners Contractor: Webcor Construction