Xypex Admix = Value Engineering

Moorgate Exchange is an exciting 235,000 ftdevelopment in the City of London. This speculative development has two roof level plant floors and a two-story basement. The architect designed a large rectangular block, with a roof line that is dominated by angled tops that allow for roof gardens on six different levels.

The original piled design was changed to a raft across the whole site, due to its close proximity to the Crossrail tunnels and Moorgate Underground Station, which sites directly beneath the site. The change in design allowed for an extra 300 mm of headroom in the basement. This Skanska project is an excellent example of how Xypex Admix can be used to simplify the production process of waterproofing and concreting, as this can be achieved simultaneously. One of the key influences for the decision making process of adopting the Xypex system as the waterproofing strategy was the total cost savings that was acheived through the whole package. In addition, the site attendance and QA procedures that were implemented assisted the smooth running of the waterproofing for this project. The entire basement is cast utilizing Xypex Admix and the joints sealed using Xypex Concentrate.