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Precast Structures

The Bolles School

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The new building at Bolles School, in Jacksonville Florida, was constructed out of pre-cast concrete panels. Xypex Admix C-500 NF was used to provide complete waterproofing for the above grade concrete walls and post tension roof panels. The purpose of using Xypex products was to provide sustainability for the building.

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Early summer of 2016 was a busy time for Aramark, the facility operations group at the Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. The pre K-12 private college preparatory school sought to replace three modular structures with a permanent four-classroom teaching and learning facility at one of its campuses—in the space of two months so that it could be used for the upcoming school year.

The Middle School Bartram Campus covers 24 acres along Pottsburg Creek in Jacksonville.

David Luke of Luke Architecture designed a 57’ x 98’ precast concrete structure 8-inch walls and the 10-inch thick roof and a concrete floor slab.

He added, “Precast systems are ideal when onsite construction is either limited by space or time. However, I had concerns about long-term deterioration of the concrete due to moisture in the humid and wet conditions.”

Subsequently, Luke talked to his structural engineer about possible waterproofing solutions.

Luke adds, “My structural engineer said Xypex Admix C-500 NF crystalline waterproofing solution is bulletproof. He’d used it below grade to waterproof elevator shafts and never had a problem.” That was enough for Luke.

Soon after, Leesburg Concrete Company was contracted to fabricate the walls, panels and floor slab. Each concrete system was dosed at 1% with 6 lbs per cubic yard of Admix C-500 NF.

The precast systems were fabricated and delivered to the Bartram Campus site in July.

The general contractor for the project, Kevin E. Shields, client relations manager with Sauer Inc., the general contractor for the project, says, “Through the use of Xypex, we were able to start the interior work earlier than would have been achievable under normal construction circumstances. This allowed us to coordinate and deliver the fast-tracked project on schedule.”

On-site construction was completed in two weeks.