Marine Structure Projects

Xypex products play a key role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against water penetration, chloride ion attack, cracking, carbonation, sulphate attack, Alkali Aggregate Reaction and freeze/thaw damage.

Project Listing
  • Julian B. Lane Park Expansion

    City of Tampa, FL, USA

    This 23-acre expansion of the Julian B. Lane recreation center is a $35 million project in the heart of Tampa – located across the river from the Tampa Bay Riverwalk. Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was used to provide permanent waterproofing and chemical protection of chlorides to the new boat house structure. This project is located next to the river where a membrane application was not an option. Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug were also used for joint and tie hole detail. Xypex was selected to provide sustainability and durability to approximately 2,000 cubic meters of concrete throughout the project.
  • Qatar Chemical Company - Expansion Project Phase II


    Xypex was chosen to protect the deteriorated concrete and surrounding area of the sea water intake basin from the extreme marine environment. Firstly, Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug Dry-Pac system were applied and then followed by two coats of Xypex Concentrate. 
  • Nakilat Ship Repair Yard Phase 5 - Caisson & Quay Area

    Ras Laffan, Qatar

    Royal Haskoning DHV specified Xypex crystalline products to protect deteriorated concrete in the caisson and quay walls. Before initiating the Xypex coating, all defective concrete areas were repaired by the Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n PlugDry-Pac system. All internal chambers of the caisson went through water tightness tests and were handed over for operation in harsh marine environment. 
  • Nakilat Ship Repair Yard Phase 5 - Dry Dock and Shipyard

    Ras Laffan, Qatar

    Royal Haskoning DHV specified the Xypex coating system to protect the concrete structure and enhance durability from the harsh marine environment. The structure is approximately 20 meters below ground level and under severe hydrostatic pressure as well as exposure to severe chloride attack and high salinity. The two-coat application of Xypex Concentrate was initiated after repairing the defective concrete with the Dry-Pac system.
  • New Hamad Port Project at Qatar


    The New Hamad Port project in Qatar is one of the world’s largest ongoing Green Development. The project is located south of Dohan, with a 26.5 square kilometer span and a value of 7.4 billon USD. Xypex was selected by Royal Haskoning DHV and Worley Parsons to provide protection and durability to exposed concrete terminals, deck areas and quay walls. Xypex was used to repair all cracks over 0.2 mm with a Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug solution on the exposed concrete deck areas. For durability and sustainability of the concrete terminal decks on extremely harsh marine environment, Xypex Concentrate was coated throughout the 11 terminal deck areas. Around 90 tons of Xypex Concentrate was used to protect the concrete and enhance durability. 
  • US Military Academy - South Dock

    Westpoint, New York, USA

    Overtime freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts caused extensive cracking and pop outs. The existing traffic coating couldn’t restore the deteriorating concrete slab. Xypex Concentrate and Megamix II were able to repair and preserve the structural integrity of this 14,000 square foot structure. The dock is ready to see the next 125 years of service.
  • Riverbanks Zoo Grizzly Ridge & Otter Run

    Columbia, SC, USA

    The Grizzly Ridge & Otter Run exhibits at the Riverbanks Zoo will be the latest in their expansion. Xypex Admix C-1000 admixture was used in the shotcrete concrete within the water features and on the rock forms. Xypex was chosen for the ease of use as well as it doesn't create any adverse reactions to the shotcrete material during the installation.
  • Rothesay Sea Defence

    Rothesay, United Kingdom

    Southerly winds combined with a rising tide increase the flood tide and funnel water up the Firth of Clyde causing a tidal surge. This led to flooding on a 5-year cycle but, due to climate change, flooding now occurs nearly every year, meaning a solution was urgently required. Argyll & Bute council appointed consultants to design a solution; this involved the construction of a double wall with a maximum height of 1.5 m. To ensure the durability of the double stone faced wall, the in situ concrete infill utilised Xypex Admix as a waterproof system to protect the re-bar from corrosion in this harsh marine environment.
  • Anderson Point Port Facility

    Port Hedland, Australia

    This project will mine and export through the Anderson Point Port Facility, 45 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of Iron ore to markets in Asia. Xypex Admix C-Series is spec’d into all concrete elements of the berthing facility, to provide enduring protection for this vital asset. As of June 2011, Berths 1 & 2 are complete, with Berth 3 underway.


  • Dique de Carena Dry Dock

    Puerto Belgrano, Argentina

    Soletanche Bachy, renowned worldwide for their expertise in geotechnical and civil engineering, was retained as the engineering firm and contractor on this dry dock project. Xypex Concentrate and Patch'n Plug were specified and used to rehabilitate the concrete structure and will again be used on two smaller docks later in the year.
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