California Utility Adopts Xypex Admix

The utility agreed to the crystalline waterproofing combined with a rolled-on membrane for extra protection. The vault project was complete on time and budget. Soon after, the utility selected Machado and Sons Construction to build another vault. Machado plans to use Xypex on that one as well.

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Print Shop’s Waterproofing Measures Save Business During Flood

The print shop and equipment is located in a business district not far from the Des Plaines River designated as a flood zone. With almost a million dollars of equipment inside the concrete building, Jim Hess, owner of Citywide Printing, looked to a local contractor for a waterproofing solution.

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It's in the bag!

The use of soluble bags is a user-friendly innovation that makes blending Xypex Admix into the concrete mix an accurate, convenient and dust-free method of installation. Xypex Admix is available in a variety of soluble bags sizes to accommodate various dosage rates and mix design requirements.

Xypex Congratulates St. Louis Zoo on Winning the AZA Award

PGAV Destinations specified Xypex Admix C-500 because of its suitability for the artificial rockwork, ease of use (admix was provided in soluble bags), superior crystalline waterproofing and non-toxic capabilities. 

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Xypex Rehabilitation of Siphon Concrete Chamber

Because of the difficult conditions and extreme deterioration, engineers for this project chose Xypex Megamix II resurfacing mortar for the restoration and protection of this concrete wastewater flow chamber against long-term corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide gas build-up.

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