Colombia Dam Waterproofed with Xypex Crystalline Technology

The Porce 3 Dam near Medellin is classified as a concrete-face, rock-fill type embankment dam. A concrete footing (plinth) is required and constructed around the upstream edge, serving to connect the dam with the valley walls and floors. Its role is also to prevent water leakage around the edges of the dam. Xypex Concentrate was selected to ensure the proper waterproofing of the plinth as well as 8,000 m2 of dam slabs.

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admix schematics-01

Schematic Drawings for Xypex Admix Treated Concrete

These are now available in the Technical section of this site. These drawings show both joint details and overall waterproofing assemblies for typical concrete structures.

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Xypex Ensures Concrete Integrity in Sandfort Creek Lift Station

Keeping groundwater out and sewage in was a construction imperative of the new Sandfort Creek Lift Station in St. Charles, Missouri. Xypex Admix C-500 was specified to reinforce the lift station’s underground concrete structures including the wet well, valve vault and storage basin as well as the precast planks that form the lid of the wet well.

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2015-03 BIM-01

Xypex BIM models are available

BIM stands for Business Information Modelling and is growing in demand globally. The Xypex BIM Objects™ have been created to be used by architects and engineers throughout the design, documentation and construction phases of a building project.

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SG museum-01

Xypex Waterproofs & Protects the National Museum of Singapore

Xypex Admix C-1000 NF – known for its superior performance, reliability, and longevity - was selected to waterproof and protect the concrete diaphragm walls and Xypex Concentrate was used to repair concrete defects.

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