2015-03 BIM-01

Xypex BIM models are available

BIM stands for Business Information Modelling and is growing in demand globally. The Xypex BIM Objects™ have been created to be used by architects and engineers throughout the design, documentation and construction phases of a building project.

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Xypex Used On Montreal's Largest Underground Reservoir

A five-stage restoration program will find Montreal’s Rosemont Reservoir reactivated by 2016. The reservoir holds 227,000 ft.3 or 59 million gallons of water. Over 150,000 lbs each of Xypex Concentrate and Modified were used to waterproof, protect and renovate the walls, ceiling and slab of this major project.

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Xypex'd "Sculptura" Pools in the Sky

With Xypex's proven resistance against hydrostatic pressure, Xypex Admix was the chosen waterproofing system for the 14 m swimming pools projecting out from the tower, as well as the two level basement of this luxury condominium development in Singapore.

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Intelligent Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

Xypex has enabled zoos and aquariums around the world to remedy concrete seepage, leaks, chemical attack and saltwater ingress often due to high hydrostatic pressure, while its non-toxic chemistry also protects the potable water. We continue to support programs like ISO and building-rating systems like LEED that reinforce quality, corporate responsibility and the pursuit of environmental sustainability.

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Securing San Francisco's Water Future with help from Crystalline Technology

The Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant is the "crown jewel" of the San Francisco Public Utilities water system. The Xypex-treated, eleven million gallon water reservoir is the last stage in the water's journey from the Sierra Nevada mountains before delivery to the people of San Francisco.

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