Meeting the Challenge

Protecting Power & Utilities Structures

The structural integrity of concrete dams and irrigation structures depends on the protection of steel reinforcement from corrosion. Inadequate waterproofing, cracking, joint failure, chemical attack, alkali aggregate reaction and abrasion are problems that will result in the deterioration of concrete. In the short term this can lead to water loss, reduction in water flow and unplanned maintenance costs. Over time, the structural integrity of the concrete is compromised, leading to safety and environmental issues. With more than 50 years experience in over 90 countries around the globe, Xypex Crystalline Technology has an extensive record in the protection of dams and irrigation structures from hydrostatic pressure, chemical attack and abrasion. Reducing maintenance costs and extending service life in both new and rehabilitated concrete, Xypex is recognized worldwide as a key partner in the water resources industry.

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