Xypex FAQ

Get answers to common questions about Xypex, including information about installation, products, crystalline technology and much more.


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General Xypex FAQ

  1. Can Xypex be used against extreme hydrostatic pressure? READ
  2. Does Xypex have any adverse effect on concrete? READ
  3. Does Xypex protect concrete against freeze/thaw damage? READ
  4. Does Xypex protect reinforcing steel? READ
  5. How deep does the Xypex crystalline formation penetrate the concrete? READ
  6. How is Xypex different from other products? READ
  7. How long does Xypex last? READ
  8. How resistant is Xypex-treated concrete to aggressive chemicals? READ
  9. In what forms is the Xypex Crystalline Technology available? READ
  10. Is Xypex toxic? READ
  11. Is Xypex used to waterproof cracks, faulty joints and other defects in concrete? READ
  12. What are some typical Xypex applications? READ
  13. What makes Xypex unique? READ
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