Coating FAQ

  1. Can paint and other finishing materials be applied over a Xypex coating? READ
  2. Can the Xypex coating be applied to the negative side of a structure? READ
  3. Can the Xypex coating be applied while the concrete is wet? READ
  4. How is the Xypex coating system different from other cementitious coatings? READ
  5. How resistant is Xypex-treated concrete to aggressive chemicals? READ
  6. Is the Xypex affected by temperature, humidity, ultraviolet and oxygen levels? READ
  7. Is the Xypex coating suitable for use on surfaces other than concrete? READ
  8. Is there a preference when choosing between the positive or negative side? READ
  9. What are the installation advantages to using a Xypex coating system instead of membranes? READ
  10. What is the appearance of a Xypex coating? READ
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