Water Holding Structures

With its ability to resist extreme hydrostatic pressure, Xypex has been used extensively to waterproof reservoirs for potable water, filtration plants, swimming pools, and aquariums.

Project Listing
  • 19th St. Water Tank

    Denver, CO, USA

    When this set of precast modules changed from overflow to water holding use, Xypex Concentrate and Modified were chosen to create a 2,550 sq. ft. watertight structure.
  • 21st Century Tower

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    This tower is the tallest residential building in the region. Xypex was used to waterproof and protect the underground water tanks.
  • 5 Star Delux - Retaj Hotel


    Initially the leaking areas and defective concrete were treated with Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug Dry-Pac system before two coats of Xypex Concentrate were applied in this suspended swimming pool.
  • Aguas de Cartagena

    Cartegena, Colombia

    This old reservoir in the Industrial Sector of Cartagena de Indias, was completely restored with Xypex products. The marine environment had affected all the concrete and part of the steel reinforcement. Before the application of Xypex, the corroded material on the beams, columns and reservoir was removed. Xypex Concentrate was then applied to the surface. Xypex Admix treated mortars were also used for repairs throughout the whole structure.
  • Ajaz Zone 2 Reservoir

    Ajax, Ontario, Canada

    Xypex products were used to waterproof and protect the concrete of this reservoir.
  • Al Sharq Resort & Spa Area


    Two coats of Xypex Concentrate was applied in the pool and other wet areas. Successful completion of the project was done after several test conducted by client.
  • Alley 111 Mixed Use Condo Building

    Bellevue, Washington, USA

    The design-build contractor for the new 12-storey Alley 111 mixed-use high-rise in downtown Bellevue, Washington included a LEED-point eligible water retention vault to capture and store stormwater per the city’s building code. This structure was constructed using a blind-side shotcrete method with Xypex Admix C-500 to ensure that it is watertight.
  • Almond Bay House


    Xypex Patch'n Plug and Concentrate were used to seal off several purpose-built pressure release holes in the below-grade swimming pool of this structure.
  • Amagi Kogen Ice Skating Rink

    Shizuoka, Japan

    The Xypex crystalline system was applied to this newly poured concrete slab using the 'dry-shake' method. After spreading the Xypex Concentrate powder evenly over the concrete surface, the application was finished by power trowelling the material into the top surface area of the concrete.
  • Amata Industrial Park – Tower Tank

    Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam

    Xypex was selected by Bechtel to waterproof a tower tank 27 m above the ground. Defective concrete was chipped out and repaired with Xypex Concentrate followed by the application of a 2:1 cement mortar patching compound. Xypex Concentrate and Modified were then applied over the repaired concrete.
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