Power & Utility Projects

Xypex products play a key role in the waterproofing of concrete against water leakage, even against extreme hydrostatic pressure. The unique Xypex technology also protects concrete against the effects of sulfate attack and crack or joint failure.

Project Listing
  • Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

    Temelín, Czech Republic

    Xypex was used to protect the concrete slab in the parking of a power plant fire brigade. Xypex was also used to waterproof a new utility tunnel leading pipes under the power plant.
  • Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant


    Cracks in the sedimentation tank were treated with Xypex Patch'n Plug, followed with an application of Concentrate to the surface to prevent water penetration and to prolong the life of the tank.
  • Cern Point 5 Nuclear Research Centre


    The Cern Project was a test carried out by scientists to try and re-create “The Big Bang”. As another product was unable to penetrate into the porous concrete, Xypex was requested. Xypex Patch'n Plug was applied to several cracks in the construction of underground chambers, and Xypex Concentrate, Modified, and Gamma Cure were used to treat the concrete surface.
  • Nuclear Waste Storage Bunkers

    Winnipeg, Canada

    Xypex FCM flexible cementitious coating was used to protect and waterproof the roof slabs of the nuclear waste containment bunkers.
  • Rokkasho Nuclear Waste Storage Facility


    Xypex was applied to all slabs and stub-wall of this low-level radioactive waste storage structure. Xypex was chosen for use after extensive testing by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.
  • Salem Nuclear Power Plant

    New Jersey, USA

    The Salem Nuclear Power Plant is a two Westinghouse pressurized water reactor units. Xypex products were used by United Engineers & Constructors to seal cracks and construction joints in below grade tunnel subjected to high hydrostatic pressure.
  • Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant


    The Bohunice facility consists of two plants, each with two pressurized water reactors. Annual electricity generation averages around 12,000 GWh. A utility tunnel was being regularly flooded by water up to 1.2 m deep. Challenges on this project were the need to work around and protect live high voltage lines on cable trays. Xypex was used to waterproof joints between precast elements and to repair concrete defects.
  • Dukovany Nuclear Power Station

    Czech Republic

    Xypex products were used to protect the concrete in a series of storage pools. These pools are used to store low-contaminated materials, ie. gloves, cloths etc. The contaminated material is stored in containers. When the pool is filled, it is filled with concrete. 65 pools were originally built, however only 2 were rehabilitated. The rehabilitation included concrete repair and treatment with Xypex products. The investor realized that the two pools give them enough capacity for foreseeable future. The rest remain untreated and is waiting when their capacity is needed.

    Transformer station, 2020: an upper 20 cm think layer of concrete with basalt tiles was removed. A new layer of concrete with Admix was placed, approx. 300 m3.
  • Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant

    New Hampshire, USA

    Xypex Concentrate, Modified and Patch'n Plug were applied to the underground concrete walls in the radiological control access walkway where active groundwater had infiltrated through the walls; depositing calcium carbonate. The application of Xypex products successfully sealed the leaks.
  • Westinghouse Chattanooga Nuclear Training Facility

    Tennessee, USA

    This nuclear training facility includes a round shaft/well that is used as a mock training reactor, and a square well that is used as a spent fuel storage model. Xypex Admix C-1000 was used to waterproof the structures. During excavation, approximately 600 USG/hr was recorded at the pumps. Xypex was used to seal the concrete against high hydrostatic pressure.
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