Power & Utility Projects

Xypex products play a key role in the waterproofing of concrete against water leakage, even against extreme hydrostatic pressure. The unique Xypex technology also protects concrete against the effects of sulfate attack and crack or joint failure.

Project Listing
  • Barlockart Wind Farm

    Dumfries & Galloway, United Kingdom

    Xypex Admix was specified by the design engineers as the stand-alone waterproof solution for the plant rooms, and plant room service tunnel to completely seal the concrete to ingress of water and aggressive ground contaminants that could corrode the reinforcing steel.
  • Bogong Power Station

    Bogong, Australia

    Xypex Admix C-Series was specified for use in 12,000 m³ of concrete for this new power station development, designed to provide an additional 140 MW to the Kiewa hydroelectric scheme. The Xypex system was used to enhance long-term durability and provide added waterproofing integrity for this vital infrastructure development.
  • Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant


    The Bohunice facility consists of two plants, each with two pressurized water reactors. Annual electricity generation averages around 12,000 GWh. A utility tunnel was being regularly flooded by water up to 1.2 m deep. Challenges on this project were the need to work around and protect live high voltage lines on cable trays. Xypex was used to waterproof joints between precast elements and to repair concrete defects.
  • Brunswick Nuclear Generating Station

    North Carolina, USA

    The Brunswick Nuclear power plant is situated only 6 m above sea level on the Atlantic Ocean coast. The two General Electric boiling water reactors have 1850 MW capacity. Xypex Concentrate and Patch'n Plug were used to repair overhead shrinkage cracks and cold joints. Xypex Concentrate and Modified were used to waterproof of the underside of a spent rod cooling pool.
  • Caracol Knits Biomass Plant


    With a recent emphasis on biomass plants for power, Xypex has become a more commonly used solution for waterproofing and protection of cooling towers. For this plant, Xypex Admix C-1000 and Patch’n Plug were used to protect the structure and to repair the pin holes left from the formwork. A total of 13,000 kg of Xypex products were used.
  • Cern Point 5 Nuclear Research Centre


    The Cern Project was a test carried out by scientists to try and re-create “The Big Bang”. As another product was unable to penetrate into the porous concrete, Xypex was requested. Xypex Patch'n Plug was applied to several cracks in the construction of underground chambers, and Xypex Concentrate, Modified, and Gamma Cure were used to treat the concrete surface.
  • Ceske Velenice Gas Station

    Czech Republic

    Xypex Concentrate and Modified were spray-applied to this tank as additional insulation and to prevent chemical seepage into the surrounding ground.
  • Chaira Hydro Power Plant

    Chaira, Bulgaria

    The concrete located 350 m under the surface of this electric power plant had cracked and was leaking. Xypex Patch'n Plug and Concentrate were used on a gradual basis until all the leaks were stopped.


  • Cooling Tank


    The cooling tank under the ventilator cooling towers was originally coated with an epoxy which did not weather well and had become non-functional after 6 years. The worn epoxy surface was removed and a slurry coat of Xypex Concentrate was applied. Damaged areas were repaired with cement dosed with Xypex Admix cement, the pool surface was treated with Xypex Modified, and the cracks and joints sealed with Xypex Dry-Pac.
  • Cottam Power Station

    Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

    As part of the power upgrade, a 12 m deep Coffer Dam was constructed in 2004. Cottam Power Station is located near Retford in Nottinghamshire and is adjacent to the River Trent, meaning that the upgrade works had to withstand a 6 metre hydrostatic head of pressure. The slab was designed and cast utilising Xypex Admix, which not only waterproofs but also enhances the durability of the concrete.
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