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Mount Royal Tunnel Upgrade

Montreal, Canada

The Mount Royal Tunnel upgrade in Montreal, QC, Canada, required an around-the-clock, seamless operation to address water leaks and patch cavities.

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Xypex Patch’n Plug was selected for its quick-setting capabilities, immediately addressing water ingress. Xypex Megamix II was used to patch extensive cavities,
offering a robust and durable solution. Over 2000 square meters of tunnel walls were coated with Xypex Concentrate and, enhanced with Xypex Xycrylic Admix, providing a superior waterproofing solution compared to traditional methods. This approach ensured permanent, effective waterproofing, of Xypex’s non-toxic Crystalline Technology’s global reputation for protecting structural integrity and resisting water leakage under extreme conditions.


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Montréal, QC, Canada

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Applied as a cementitious slurry to the surface of existing above or below-grade structures to waterproof and protect the concrete against high hydrostatic pressure and aggressive environments.

Patch'n Plug
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Formulated as a crystalline, fast-setting hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. It stops flowing water in seconds and is used to seal cracks, fill tie-holes and other defects in concrete.

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Water-based, high solids, polymer dispersion specifically designed for fortifying Portland cement compositions. This liquid is milky-white in color and improves curing qualities, enhances bond, imparts excellent water and weather resistance, and reduces shrinkage cracking.

Megamix II
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A repairing mortar specifically for the waterproofing and resurfacing of deteriorated concrete surfaces.