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Bridge, Prague Castle

Completed in 1995, the restoration of the Bridge at Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on finding a solution to address the waterproofing challenges and seepage into the masonry of the bridge structure.

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The contracting company responsible for the work was ABV s.r.o. Praha 9. Xypex Concentrate, Xypex Modified, and Xypex Patch’n Plug were selected to waterproof the ancient masonry. These Xypex products provided the project with a permanent
waterproofing solution, playing a crucial role in enhancing the waterproofing capabilities of the bridge and contributing to its preservation and longevity amidst its high-profile location.



ABV s.r.o. Praha 9

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Prague, Czech Republic

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Applied as a cementitious slurry to the surface of existing above or below-grade structures to waterproof and protect the concrete against high hydrostatic pressure and aggressive environments.

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Specifically formulated for restoration of concrete damaged by microbial induced corrosion, abrasion/erosion and chemical attack.

Patch'n Plug
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Formulated as a crystalline, fast-setting hydraulic cement compound for concrete patching and repair. It stops flowing water in seconds and is used to seal cracks, fill tie-holes and other defects in concrete.