Dams & Irrigation Structure Projects 

Xypex products play a key role in the waterproofing of concrete against water leakage, even against extreme hydrostatic pressure. The unique Xypex technology also protects concrete against the effects of sulfate attack and crack or joint failure.

Project Listing
  • Shimenzi Reservoir Dam

    Manas County, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonom, China

    The Shimenzi Reservoir Dam in Manas County was designed by the Department of Hydropower at Tsinghua University, and constructed by Gezhouba Construction Bureau. This Thin Arch Dam stands 110 meters high and 176 meters in length. Roller Compacted Concrete was specified, and in due course required waterproofing and reinforcement. As a research topic for the Department of Water Conservancy of Tsinghua University, the challenge was sourcing a concrete waterproofing material that would withstand very low temperatures, extreme hydrostatic pressure, and a capability of healing small cracks. After many product tests, Xypex Concentrate was selected as the best solution, and successfully applied to the entire face of the dam, a construction area of 20,000 meters.
  • The Rihand Dam

    Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Xypex’s unique crystalline technology was chosen as the preferred repair solution. Xypex’s proprietary chemicals react with the natural by-products of cement hydration in both new and existing concrete, forming a non-soluble crystalline structure within the inter-connected cracks, capillaries, pores and voids in the concrete.
  • Canal do Sertão - Hinterland Water Channel


    Xypex Crystalline Technology was introduced to the project as a means to solve a specific problem in the early stages of construction. As a result of its performance it became an important component of the whole project to solve the waterproofing challenges. The combined efforts of the federal government, the design team and the contractors together with technical assistance from Xypex distributor MC Bauchemie, enabled the timely delivery of these stages of this highly important project for the Sertão Nordestino region of Brazil.
  • Murray Irrigation


    Xypex Concentrate was chosen as the preferred product to meet the engineer’s requirements for an anti-carbonation coating and because of the added benefits of utilizing Xypex Concentrate. Xypex Concentrate, once applied, becomes an integral part of the substrate, it seals static hairline cracks up to 0.5 mm, can be applied to damp surfaces, and is non-toxic. All these features provide added protection and durability through the waterproofing of concrete and were necessary in the reparation of Murray Irrigation’s bridges and culverts.
  • Harjavalta Hydroelectric Dam

    Harjavalta, Finland

    Xypex Admix was used in the hydropower plant’s restoration project to ensure water tightness of the concrete structure. 
  • Brana Grnčarevo,Trebinje

    Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    The concrete handrail at the Grnčarevo dam was damaged by age and exposure to extreme elements. The engineers chose Xypex crystalline coatings to repair and protect the structure. One coat of Xypex Concentrate was applied to protect the existing structure by filling all the pores, capillaries and micro cracks to 0.40 mm. Xypex Concentrate was applied by airless spray 1 kg/m2, and 2,900 kg was used. The application was performed ABV Ltd. Trebinje.
  • The Porce 3 Dam

    Medellin, Colombia

    The Porce 3 Dam near Medellin, Colombia is classified as a concrete-face, rock-fill type embankment dam. As such, a concrete footing (plinth) is required and constructed around the upstream edge, serving to connect the dam with the valley walls and floors. Its role is also to prevent water leakage around the edges of the dam. Xypex Concentrate was selected to ensure the proper waterproofing of the plinth as well as 8,000 mof dam slabs.
  • Revelstoke Canyon Dam

    Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

    Six 100 ft.2 shafts were waterproofed with the Xypex system. This dam is 440 ft. high and holds 1.5 million acre feet of water.
  • Zabumbao Dam

    Zabumbao, Brazil

    Xypex Patch'n Plug was used to repair construction joints followed by a two-coat application of Xypex Concentrate and Modified to the internal walls of the dam’s shafts.
  • Ilda Dam

    Kasama, Japan

    Xypex products were used to stop water seepage through construction joints on the downstream face of this dam located in Ibaraki Prefecture. The photographs show the dam face before and after the Xypex application. The prime contractor for the project was Toda Gene Co., Ltd. and the Xypex application was completed during 1991.
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