Bridge Projects

Xypex products play a key role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against water penetration, chloride ion attack, cracking, carbonation, sulphate attack, Alkali Aggregate Reaction and freeze/thaw damage – problems typically associated with the reduced service life of bridge structures.

Project Listing
  • Aomori Bay Bridge

    Aomori, Japan

    The bridge, measuring 25 m in width and 1,219 m in length, is exposed to salt from the ocean causing damage to the pre-cast concrete girder box main beams. Xypex was applied to the bottom plate of the main girder from the inside of the girder box and to the upper surface of the bottom plates. The result is a permanently waterproofed structure that is impervious to the elements.
  • Badaling Expressway Overpasses

    Beijing, China

    The Badaling Expressway, which includes three overpasses, leads to the world famous Great Wall of China. The surfaces of these overpasses were waterproofed using Xypex Concentrate and Xypex Patch'n Plug repaired the cracks. Bridge experts lauded the success of the Xypex application.


  • Bridge Deck Repairs

    La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

    Xypex products were used to repair this bridge deck which is under authority of the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Repairs included the routing out and dry-packing of 92 metres (300 lin. ft.) of crack, and a one coat application of Xypex Concentrate over the entire surface. This bridge is on the main truck route between Minneapolis and Chicago, and therefore is exposed to very heavy traffic. Even though much of the original coat of Xypex Concentrate has since worn off, inspections of the underneath side of the bridge confirm no evidence of any water seepage.
  • Bridge Overpass

    Zilina, Slovakia

    During the construction of a by-pass road around Zilina, Xypex was proposed and implemented to protect the concrete parapet against the aggressive effects of salt used on icy roads. The parapets were treated on both sides of the bridge – a total of 1,500 m.
  • Bridge Parapet

    Czech Republic

    Xypex Concentrate was used to protect the concrete parapet of this bridge against water penetration and against the destructive effects of the salt used in the winter months.
  • Bridges - En Route To Airport

    Kiev, Ukraine

    The sidewalks, precast beams and sub-deck surface of the three bridges leading to the airport from Kiev were treated with one coat of Xypex Concentrate and one coat of Xypex Modified.
  • Chishi Bridge

    Yizhang County, China

    Xypex applications thus began in April of 2016, with Xypex Concentrate being applied within the interior of the affected box girder, areas of the bridge deck, Pylon P6 and various related concrete components. Through strict process management and control during the treatment of approximately 10,000 square meters of internal and external surfaces, the application of Xypex proved a complete success, ensuring the ‘healing’ of a residual of cracks as well as the restoration of integrity and durability throughout the stress-impacted concretes.
  • Fond du Lac County Bridge Overlay

    New Fane, USA

    Xypex Admix C-500 was used to restore and protect this bridge deck’s overlay. The original deck was constructed in 1972 and the decision to use Xypex was based on successful service since 2006. 
  • Highway 51 Bridge Repair

    Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    Xypex Admix C-2000, mixed at a rate of 2% by weight of cement, significantly reduced the problem of cracking on the bridge. As a test, one parapet wall was placed using Xypex Admix while a second wall was cast without the Xypex. The Xypex-treated concrete had 50% fewer cracks than the reference parapet wall.
  • Highway Program

    Skala, Slovakia

    A two-coat application of Xypex Concentrate and Modified was used to waterproof the run-off channels and pits where highway water carrying oils and chemicals is collected.
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