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Xypex products play a key role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against water penetration, chloride ion attack, cracking, carbonation, sulphate attack, Alkali Aggregate Reaction and freeze/thaw damage – problems typically associated with the reduced service life of bridge structures.

Project Listing
  • Shenyang Changbal Island Sanhao Bridge

    Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

    Shenyang Sanhao Bridge, the world’s first steel arch tower cable-stayed bridge, was designed by Dr. Deng Wenzhong, a world-renowned bridge expert. The bridge’s novel design and overall structure has won numerous awards. The steel arch tower is shaped like a lily petal, a visual that has become popularly called ‘the butterfly wings’, as they appear to spread over the Hun River. Xypex Concentrate was used to waterproof and protect approximately 3,000 m2 of the bridge deck.
  • Wuhan Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge

    Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

    This bridge is the world’s eighth largest suspension bridge. Groundwater penetration into the south anchor foundation was a primary construction concern, especially for the foundation pits and continuous walls. Both depth and high-water pressure made waterproofing extremely difficult. Applied to the front and rear anchor chambers, Xypex successfully waterproofed, protected and enhanced the long-term durability of this structure.
  • Chishi Bridge

    Yizhang County, China

    Xypex applications thus began in April of 2016, with Xypex Concentrate being applied within the interior of the affected box girder, areas of the bridge deck, Pylon P6 and various related concrete components. Through strict process management and control during the treatment of approximately 10,000 square meters of internal and external surfaces, the application of Xypex proved a complete success, ensuring the ‘healing’ of a residual of cracks as well as the restoration of integrity and durability throughout the stress-impacted concretes.
  • Rod el Farag Axis Bridge

    Cairo, Egypt

    More than one million cubic meters of concrete was used to build the bridge, which was used in the bridge decking, girders, and six 92 m (302 ft) tall concrete towers that support 160 steel support cables. One of the key challenges for the bridge designers was how to adequately protect the critical concrete structures from the effects of air pollution and the moist riverine environment.
  • Bridges - En Route To Airport

    Kiev, Ukraine

    The sidewalks, precast beams and sub-deck surface of the three bridges leading to the airport from Kiev were treated with one coat of Xypex Concentrate and one coat of Xypex Modified.
  • Zuidhorn, Netherlands Railway Bridge Replacement

    Zuidhorn, Netherlands

    According to Totech project manager Patrick Mallens, the use of Xypex Concentrate to protect the new railway bridge over the Van Starkenborgh Canal (fig 8) not only helped keep the project on schedule, but provided a significant cost savings over the epoxy coating that ProRail normally uses on such projects. “Xypex was ideal for this project,” Mallens notes. “It offered the shortest possible application and curing time, and greatest possible flexibility to accommodate varied weather conditions. The long-term benefits for the railway are also important and include lower maintenance costs and extended service life.”
  • Johnson Street Bridge

    Victoria, BC, Canada

    Construction on the new bridge began in May 2013. Xypex Admix C-500, with a dosage rate of 3%, will water proof and protect 670 m³ of cast-in-place concrete for the pier walls and approach spans of the new bridge. The Xypex treated concrete will allow the bridge to withstand the aggressive marine environment and extend its service life.
  • Fond du Lac County Bridge Overlay

    New Fane, USA

    Xypex Admix C-500 was used to restore and protect this bridge deck’s overlay. The original deck was constructed in 1972 and the decision to use Xypex was based on successful service since 2006. 
  • M7 Kőröshegyi Viaduct, Bridge Parapets and Drainage System

    Kőröshegy, Hungary

    The bridge parapets and stormwater drainage system required protection from destructive elements such as exhaust gasses, de-icing and salts. As a result, Xypex Concentrate and Modified were used to waterproof and protect the concrete. 
  • Megyeri Bridge

    Budapest, Hungary

    The concrete pylons of this bridge are exposed to extreme weather conditions along with environmental factors such as exhaust gases and bird droppings, which can cause rapid deterioration of the concrete. In order to waterproof and protect the concrete, Xypex Concentrate was applied to the surface. Xypex Gamma Cure was also used to assist in the curing process. 
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