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  • Xypex Project

    Ampera Townhouses

    Jakarta A two-coat application of Xypex Concentrate and Modified was used to waterproof the roof deck and ground-water reservoir. Xypex Dry-Pac was applied to the construction joints and Xypex Concentrate was used to waterproof all bathrooms.
  • Xypex Project

    Fishery Water Tank

    West Java Xypex products were used to repair faulty construction joints, honeycombs and other concrete defects in this above ground water containment tank at a Java fishery. All tank surfaces were then treated with two coats of Xypex Concentrate.
  • Xypex Project

    Hanil Adetex Textile Mill

    Solo, Central Java The water treatment tanks at this large textile mill in Java were waterproofed with Xypex products. The top photograph shows the application of Xypex to the interior of one of the tanks, while the lower photograph shows the curing of the Xypex treatment.
  • Xypex Project

    Westlink Apartment

    Jakarta Xypex products were used to waterproof and protect the foundation floors and walls of this apartment block.
  • Xypex Project

    Taman Anggrek Shopping Mall

    Jakarta Xypex projects were used to waterproof the basement and tunnels of this shopping mall which also includes 8 condominium towers.

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