Bio-San C500 Specifications

SECTION 033000

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2.01 Materials

A. Acceptable Manufacturer:

Xypex Chemical Corporation
13731 Mayfield Place, Richmond, B.C., Canada V6V 2G9
Tel: 800 961.4477 or 604 273.5265
Fax: 604 270.0451

 Acceptable manufacturers include all licensed manufacturing operations of Xypex Chemical Corporation.

B. Proprietary Products: Xypex antimicrobial crystalline waterproofing materials as follows:

1. Xypex Bio-San C500

C. Substitutions: No substitutions permitted. 

D. Submission of Alternate or Equal Products:

1. All requests for considerations of substitutions or equal products must be made at the time of bidding. No requests for consideration of alternates or equals will be considered after the close of the tendering period.

2. All costs associated with evaluation of any requested substitutions or equals will be paid by the bidder making the request. Costs will be paid before close of tender for the bid to be considered.

E. Source Quality: Obtain all proprietary antimicrobial crystalline waterproofing products from a single manufacturer.

2.02 Dosage

A. General: Xypex Bio-San C500 must be added to concrete mix at time of batching.

B. Dosage Rate: Under normal conditions, the antimicrobial crystalline powder shall be added to the concrete mix at the following rates:

  • Xypex Bio-San C500: 1% by weight of cementitious materials content

See section:
Part 1 - General  |  Part 2 - Products  |  Part 3 - Execution

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