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Ford Australia Head Office
Xypex Megamix I & II in conjunction with Xypex Concentrate were used in rehabilitation work at the national head office of Ford Australia, Victoria. An existing wall in the cooling tower room was subjected to the overspray of chemicals including chlorine & bio-solids for a period of 40 years. The gradual degradation of the concrete wall resulted in spalling and surface pitting of the wall. Spall repairs were completed by Xypex Megamix II. Xypex Concentrate slurry was applied for the entire wall surface, followed by a coat of Megamix I, providing a smooth surface.
799 Clifton Road (Home Repair)
This 1915 home, designed by renowned Atlanta architect Neel Reid, is located in the historic Druid Hills neighborhood. It was updated by owner and architect Sheila Lee Davies, AIA, in 2019. The full renovation included the main house and a cottage, and the addition of a new meditation pavilion, swimming pool and garage. Persistent water seepage in a cast-in-place concrete tunnel underground walkway linking the house to the pavilion was sealed with Xypex crystalline waterproofing products.
Sorek Desalination Plant
The project used over 300 tonnes of Xypex C-500 NF Admixture as well as Xypex Concentrate and Xypex Patch’n Plug for joints and other works. Xypex is proud to have been a part of this highly successful project.
Iecava Stadium
The grandstand of newly build stadium was waterproofed by 2 coat application of Xypex Concentrate and Modified. Below grandstand are storage facilities which needed to be protected against any leaks and seeping moisture. Owner decided to replace originally considered polyurethane product with Xypex due to lower cost and easier application.
Prague Sewer Rehabilitation
The use of Xypex in the grout extends the life of the grout while reducing the potential for leakage into and out of the tunnels through any cracks that could develop in the grout behind the brick liner. To date, more than 8,000 tons of Injektostop grout containing Xypex Admix C-1000 NF has been used to repair and extend the life of Prague’s brick sewer lines (fig 11). In 2013, Prague was again flooded, although not to the same extent as the devastating 2002 flood when the flow rate on the Vltava River reached more than 5,000 m3/s.
Temelín Nuclear Power Plant
Xypex was used to protect the concrete slab in the parking of a power plant fire brigade. Xypex was also used to waterproof a new utility tunnel leading pipes under the power plant.
Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant
Cracks in the sedimentation tank were treated with Xypex Patch'n Plug, followed with an application of Concentrate to the surface to prevent water penetration and to prolong the life of the tank.
Cern Point 5 Nuclear Research Centre
The Cern Project was a test carried out by scientists to try and re-create “The Big Bang”. As another product was unable to penetrate into the porous concrete, Xypex was requested. Xypex Patch'n Plug was applied to several cracks in the construction of underground chambers, and Xypex Concentrate, Modified, and Gamma Cure were used to treat the concrete surface.
Nuclear Waste Storage Bunkers
Xypex FCM flexible cementitious coating was used to protect and waterproof the roof slabs of the nuclear waste containment bunkers.
Rokkasho Nuclear Waste Storage Facility
Xypex was applied to all slabs and stub-wall of this low-level radioactive waste storage structure. Xypex was chosen for use after extensive testing by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.

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