Project Detail
  • Mitchell Water Treatment Plant

    Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

    The city of Greensboro, NC’s Mitchell Water Treatment plant is over 60 years old. The plant needed significant repairs including the resurfacing of the walls in the east and west flocculation and sedimentation basins where erosive wear due to backwashing of filter media had over the years eroded the concrete surface of the walls reducing the reinforcing steel cover to an unacceptable level.

    Due to the critical nature of this 20 mega gallon per day plant to the water supply network of Greensboro there was a strong need to keep the plant operational through the repair / reconstruction project. Thus the work was scheduled and staged over the October to April working windows in 2018 and 2019 such that one set of filters and basins were completed during this low demand time prior to commissioning of work on the second set.

    SKA Engineering chose Xypex Megamix II as the 5/8” - ¾” resurfacing material for the tanks due to successful track history of use of this product in these types of projects and the experience Xypex personnel could bring to the job. SKA recognized the combination of needed performance of the Megamix II engineering properties and the uniqueness of Xypex crystalline chemistry to provide waterproofing to the structure. Mock-up test panels were placed using low pressure mortar spray installation with and without mortar scrub coats followed by screeding and floating of the surface. Bond testing showed essentially equivalent good adhesion results for both scrub coat and no scrub coat surface preparations so the work was done using low pressure sprayed mortar placement with no scrub coat.

    Over 100,000 square feet of walls were rehabilitated while the plant remained operational. This project was completed to the great satisfaction of the owner with significant operational and cost savings achieved over the replacement option.


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