Meeting the Challenge

Protecting Foundations

The structural integrity of building foundations, whether deep or shallow, can be seriously compromised by hydrostatic pressure and water leakages associated with high water tables. Inadequate waterproofing, cracking and joint failure are problems that will result in the deterioration of concrete and the leaking of water into the substructure. In the short term, this can lead to the loss of sub-structure functionality and, over time, the structural weakening of the building itself. Xypex has an extensive track record in the waterproofing and protection of building foundations. From single-unit housing to high-rise structures, Xypex is recognized by major contractors as a key supplier to the construction industry.

Xypex’s non-toxic Crystalline Technology protects thousands of foundations worldwide. Whether used for new construction or the rehabilitation of existing structures, Xypex has gained an exceptional reputation for protecting the structural integrity of concrete, and resisting water leakage even under extreme hydrostatic pressure.

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