Repair Procedures

For stopping flowing water, patching, resurfacing, and rehabilitating concrete as well as the repairing of cracks.

Defective Concrete & Honeycomb

Honeycombs, rock pockets, spalls and other concrete defects occur in a variety of sizes, shapes and situations which makes it difficult to create work procedures that cover all variables. The following information gives general directions and procedures for repair of standard, small or medium-large sized deficiencies. These procedures should not supersede ACI, ICRI or other recognized authorities’ recommendations. The steps outlined here can be modified and adapted to fit most scenarios and provide long term, well bonded concrete repairs.

Download this as a Acrobat PDF with illustration reference.

  1. Repair Areas Larger than 6" (150 mm) Diameter READ
  2. Repair Areas 6" (150 mm) Diameter or Less READ
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