Coating Installation

Xypex coating is applied with a semi-stiff nylon bristle brush, push broom (for large horizontal surfaces), or specialized spray equipment.

Tools & Equipment List

Using the proper tools and equipment and wearing protective clothing while working with Xypex products encourages a safer and more effective result. 

Protective Clothing and Equipment
Hard Hat
Ear Protectors
Eye Goggles
Safety Glasses
Face Shield
Dust and Mist Mask
Knee Protectors
Work Boots
Leather Gloves
Rubber Gloves
Rain Gear
Sandblasting Protection Gear

Surface Preparation Equipment
Sandblaster (Pot and Hose)
Chipping Hammer and Chisels
Crack Chaser

Mixing Equipment
Mixing Pail
Electric Drill & Mixing Paddle

Application Equipment
Semi-Stiff Concrete Brush
Pattern Pistol (Gun & Hopper)
Hy-Flex Spray Pump
Quickspray Carrousel Pump
Water Sprayer
Packing Gun with Packer Head
Mechanical Spreader

Miscellaneous Equipment
Extension Cords
Flood Lights
Industrial Vacuum (Wet/Dry Capability)
Ladders and Scaffolding
Maintenance Tools and Equipment
Power Trowel
Water Hoses and Spray Nozzles
Space Heating Units
Ventilation Fans

For more detailed information, please contact Xypex Chemical Corporation at 604.273.5265, toll free 800.961.4477 or your local Xypex representative.

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