Coating Installation

Xypex coating is applied with a semi-stiff nylon bristle brush, push broom (for large horizontal surfaces), or specialized spray equipment.



Backfilling can take place 36 hours after the Xypex application. If backfilling takes place within seven days after the application, the backfilling material should be moist so as not to draw moisture from the Xypex coating.

Application of Paints, Epoxies or Similar Coatings
Xypex requires a minimum of 21 days of curing and crystal generation before the application of any paint or epoxy. Consult epoxy and paint manufacturer for additional coating instructions and restrictions. Removal of the Xypex coating by high pressure washing or abrasive blasting following full curing is the best practice. Alternately, moderate pressure washing, light abrasive blasting or washing the Xypex surface with a 3 - 5% muriatic acid solution followed by a rigorous rinse with clean water is recommended before applying the coating. Be sure to flush all acid off the surface. Prior to the installation, it is recommended that a test section be completed under anticipated ambient and project conditions to demonstrate acceptable bond.

Application of Grout, Cement Parge Coat, Plaster or Stucco
It is recommended that any other cementitious system be applied over the Xypex coating after the Xypex has completely set but while it is still “green” (8 to 48 hours). The 12 to 24 hour window is considered ideal. Contact Xypex’s Technical Services Department or your local Xypex Technical Services Representative regarding surface preparation and other procedures for installations of other materials onto Xypex coatings older than 48 hours. Use of a polymer additive to help improve bond in the over coating mortar mix should be considered. Prior to the installation, it is recommended that a test section be completed under anticipated ambient and project conditions to demonstrate acceptable bond.

NOTE: Xypex Chemical Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding the compatibility of Xypex products with plasters, stuccos, tiles and other surface applied materials. It is the responsibility of the installer of these surface-applied materials to take whatever measures are necessary, including testing, to ensure acceptance by or adhesion to the Xypex treated surface.

For more instructions, alternative application methods, or information concerning the compatibility of the Xypex treatment with other products or technologies, contact the Technical Services Department of Xypex Chemical Corporation.

Xypex is highly alkaline. 

  1. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. 
  2. Protect hands with rubber gloves when handling dry powder or wet mixture. 
  3. If skin comes into contact with Xypex material, wash immediately and thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If discomfort continues, seek prompt medical attention. 
  4. Wear eye protection. If dry powder or wet mixture gets into eyes, flush immediately and thoroughly with water and seek medical aid. 
  5. Wear a suitable mask where there is potential for generating dust. If Xypex is ingested, do not induce vomiting; have affected person drink two glasses of water and obtain immediate medical attention. 
  6. For Safety Data Sheets, contact Xypex Chemical Corporation at 604.273.5265, toll-free 800-961-4477 (North America) or refer to SDS located at:

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