Additive Installation

Xypex Admix is added to the concrete at the time of batching. The sequence of procedures for addition will vary according to the type of batch plant operation and equipment.

xypex admix soluble bags

1. Ready Mix Plant - Dry Batch Operation
Add Xypex Admix in powder form to the drum of the ready-mix truck. Drive the truck under the batch plant and add 60% - 70% of the required water along with 300 lb. - 500 lb. (136 kg - 227 kg) of aggregate. Mix the materials for 2 - 3 minutes to ensure the Admix is distributed evenly throughout the mix water. Add the balance of materials to the ready-mix truck in accordance with standard batch practices. 

2. Ready Mix Plant - Central Mix Operation
Mix Xypex Admix with water to form a very thin slurry (e.g. 15 lb. - 20 lb. of powder mixed with 3 gallons of water). Pour the required amount of material into the drum of the ready-mix truck. The aggregate, cement and water should be batched and mixed in the plant in accordance with standard practices (taking into account the quantity of water that has already been placed in the ready-mix truck). Pour the concrete into the truck and mix for at least 5 minutes to ensure even distribution of the Xypex Admix throughout the concrete. 

3. Precast Batch Plant - Pan Type Mixer
Add Xypex Admix to the rock and sand, then mix thoroughly for 2 - 3 minutes before adding the cement and water. The total concrete mass should be blended using standard practices.

NOTE: It is important to obtain a homogeneous mixture of Xypex Admix with the concrete. Therefore, do not add dry Admix powder directly to wet concrete as this may cause clumping and thorough dispersion will not occur. For further information regarding the proper use of Xypex Admix for a specific project, consult with a Xypex technical representative.

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