Asian Development Bank Headquarters


The new headquarters building for the Asian Development Bank was constructed in Manila by Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. The Xypex crystalline system was used to waterproof basement areas, a large potable water tank and a roof deck. The total area treated was approx. 9,300 m2 (100,000 sq. ft.).

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  • Xypex Project

    Antel 2000 Corporate Centre

    Makati City Xypex products were applied to the concrete in a number of areas throughout this structure, including the cooling tower, roof deck, kitchen, canopy, elevator pit, cistern tank, helipad, parking area, roof, tank deck and planter box.
  • Xypex Project

    Antel Seaview Towers

    Pasay Xypex products were used to waterproof and protect the concrete in a number of areas in this structure, including the cistern tank, parking area, vehicle ramp, swimming pool and deck, laundry, kitchen, planters, terrace, canopy, helipad, tank and roof deck, basement walls, air-conditioning unit and box, aeration tank, covered walk and balcony.
  • Xypex Project

    Citibank Tower

    Makati City Citibank is the largest commercial bank in the Philippines. Xypex products were used to waterproof the basement walls, overhead water tank, the canopy and the underground water tank of this bank building.
  • Xypex Project

    PS Bank Building

    Makati City Xypex Concentrate, Modified and Patch'n Plug were used to repair and waterproof several areas in this bank building. Xypex was applied to the fire protection tank, cistern tank, elevator pit, planters, garden deck, parking area, machine room deck, basement wall, entrance canopy, and radio room deck.
  • Xypex Project

    Baramante Piazza Building

    Manila Xypex Patch'n Plug and Concentrate were used to repair and waterproof tie-holes and the concrete slab.
  • Xypex Project

    Manila Peninsula Hotel

    Makati City Xypex products were used to waterproof the lower swimming pool and the vaulted portion of the lower pediment.
  • Xypex Project

    Craft Paper Plant

    Manila Xypex Crystalline Technology was selected as the solution to the leaking problems in the concrete silos of this craft paper plant.
  • Xypex Project

    Magnolia Dairy Product Plant

    Quezon City Xypex Patch'n Plug was used to repair joints and cracks, and to stop the leakage problem.

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