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  • Xypex AIA Course – Online at Hanley Wood University

    December 22, 2010
    How Xypex Crystalline Technology can make concrete better for Architects is now available in a new, fully accredited, easy-to-follow online course at Hanley Wood University’s learning center.

    Titled, “Concrete Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology”, this highly interesting and informative course is made even more engaging through the use of flash technology and a unique sound track. Voice, accompanied by easy-to-follow text display, more clearly illuminates the comprehensive content that ranges from the nature of concrete, crystalline technology and how it works, to how it’s applied. A wide range of project applications are also included.

    The course is yet another platform for Xypex distance-learning and represents our continuing effort to highlight the ever-expanding role of Xypex in the field of concrete waterproofing, protection and durability.

    To view or take the course:

    1. Register at Hanley Wood University.
    2. Enter Concrete Waterproofing in the Search Box.
    3. Click on course title above the Xypex logo.
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