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    Xypex Announces 2020 Best International Project Award Winners

    June 11, 2020

    Xypex Chemical Corporation is pleased to announce that the Xypex 2020 Best International Project Award of the Year winner is MC-Bauchemie Brasil for the Canal do Sertão project. The winner was chosen from amongst the five Regional Winners from Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. These awards recognize the achievements of Xypex’s international network of distributors and celebrate their dedication to provide first-class technical service to Xypex customers.

    Canal do Sertão - Hinterland Water Channel, a 1,000+ km water channel which brings water from Brazil’s 5th largest river, the São Francisco, to the extremely dry Sertão Nordestino region of Brazil, needed urgent repairs in its early stages of construction as the elevated aqueducts had suffered thermal/dry shrinkage cracks every 2 meters – more than 2,000 linear meters of leaking cracks. The application of Xypex Concentrate and Modified was a resounding success, stopping all leaks within 30 days of application, saving significant time and costs, and avoiding the injection of the extensive cracking. This led to Xypex products becoming an important component of the whole project, solving the waterproofing challenges and enabling the timely delivery of all stages of this crucial project for the Sertão Nordestino region of Brazil. 

    Xypex also awarded Regional Best Project Awards 2020. 


    Hungary – Budapest Pedestrian Tunnel
    Presented by ASTOP Magyarország Kft. 

    Benelux – Pairi Daiza
    (The Land of the Cold and the Wilderness)

    Presented by Totech B.V


    Egypt – Rod El Farag Axis Tahya Masr Bridge
    Presented by Beton Alexco

    Tunisia – Tunisia Mall Ennasr
    Presented by Le Record


    Qatar – WOQOD Petrol & Service Stations
    Presented by Hanson Doha Trading Co. WLL

    Israel – Midtown Towers
    Presented by PBS Israel Ltd


    India – Rihand Dam Rehabilitation (International Runner-Up)
    Presented by APAAR Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

    Australia – Murray Irrigation Rehabilitation
    Presented by Xypex Australia


    Brazil – Canal do Sertão
    - Hinterland Water Channel (International Winner)

    Presented by MC-Bauchemie Brasil

    Mexico – Acuario Michin
    Presented by Grupo MG

    About Xypex
    Xypex Chemical Corporation is a world leader in waterproofing, protection, and repair of concrete structures with over 50 years of extensive experience and backed by a distribution network in more than 90 countries. Xypex Crystalline Technology outperforms other methods because of its unique ability to become a truly integral and permanent part of the concrete matrix. Xypex is proud to have served the construction needs of over thousands of global customers including Fortune 500 construction and engineering firms across a variety of projects in general construction, water resources, wastewater, tunneling, bridges, ports, industry, power and utilities. 

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