Engineer Specifies Xypex to Protect Beijing Olympics “Bird’s Nest” Stadium

In major sports venues around the world, Xypex is scoring big. Olympian big! In 2000, Xypex products played an important part in the waterproofing and protection of the concrete used in the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. Now, in Beijing, Xypex crystalline technology is again a winning architectural choice where it is being used on the already famous “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium.

The Bird’s Nest, its lacy structure really does look like a nest, features a high degree of technology and architectural aesthetics. Waterproofing materials used in this landmark project, site of the opening and closing ceremonies at this year’s summer Olympics, were required to meet high environmental standards, have good corrosion resistance, durability, permeability and to be non-toxic. Xypex products and crystalline technology met all of the above pre-requisites and was selected by the project engineer to waterproof and protect the concrete diaphragm walls and slabs of the podium.

The Beijing Olympic Stadium, with post-event seating of 80,000, is located adjacent to the Beijing National Aquatics Centre. As well as being the venue for the main Olympic ceremonies, it will also be the site for the Games’ important track and field events. Once again, Xypex is proud to be playing a functional part in a great international event.