Move Concrete Waterproofing Off-site

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According to a recent report by USG Corp. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, work-site labor shortages are a serious issue, and a high percentage of contractors face challenges completing work on schedule. In fact, 73% of contractors report that the lack of skilled labor makes it challenging to meet schedule deadlines. Traditional waterproofing systems such as PVC sheet or spray-applied membranes are labor-intensive and must be installed error-free to ensure integrity. These systems are subject to the same scheduling and labor challenges as all construction projects. The current global crisis has caused an increasing number of project delays with contractors placing great importance on worker safety and availability.

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Xypex Chemical Corporation is a world leader in waterproofing, protection, and repair of concrete structures with over 50 years of extensive experience and backed by a distribution network in more than 90 countries. Our unique crystalline technology outperforms other methods because of its unique ability to become a truly integral and permanent part of the concrete matrix. We are proud to have served the construction needs of over thousands of global customers including Fortune 500 construction and engineering firms across a variety of projects in general construction, water resources, wastewater, tunneling, bridges, ports, industry, power and utilities.

Self-Healing Concrete

Recent advancements in self-healing concrete bring age-old concept into the future. “Crystalline waterproofing can improve durability and performance of concrete structures and remains one of the most used autogenous self-healing concrete products worldwide.”

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Xypex Mobile Access Up 30%

Pick a medium. We’ll be there. Xypex product data, videos, project info and more can now be accessed cross-platform. This means up-to-date Xypex information can be obtained from your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. We paid careful attention to the design and format of each medium to ensure ease of use wherever you are: in office, in transit, on-site. Current statistics confirm a dramatic growth in mobile use to access information of any kind – a trend that is expected to continue, and one that is strongly supported by a recent report showing the use of mobile devices to access Xypex information up by 30%.