American Concrete Institute Report Recommends Crystalline Admixtures

The American Concrete Institute (“ACI”) recently went on record with a published report recommending crystalline material class (PRAH-type) admixtures for applications where hydrostatic pressure is significant – a situation typically found in below-grade and water retaining structures. Xypex introduced Xypex Crystalline Technology in the United States some 40 years ago and through the detailed testing and monitoring of thousands of projects, became the most relied upon resource for information regarding crystalline waterproofing to the concrete industry. Our leadership role in this field has also made us the dominant brand, attracting the attention and specifications of architects, engineers and concrete producers around the world. We are particularly proud of the part we have played in ‘laying the groundwork’ for the ACI report and its endorsement.

More information and a copy of the ACI 212-3R-10 report is available online at ACI International.