About Xypex

More than fifty years ago,  the development of crystalline technology by a team of scientists at Xypex Chemical Corporation revolutionized the way that concrete is protected from intrusive liquids.  The key to Xypex concrete waterproofing technology is its innovative approach to treating concrete at the microscopic level.

Through commitment to excellence and ongoing research and testing, Xypex Crystalline Technology has evolved into a family of waterproofing products that solve water issues in construction and permanently protect concrete structures in challenging environments in all climates across the globe.

Xypex Generates Immediate Value

  • Does not require dry weather to be applied
  • Xypex does not require costly surface priming or leveling prior to application
  • Xypex does not require sealing, lapping and finishing of seams at corners, edges or between membranes
  • Fast repair on wet surfaces – Xypex does not require a dry surface; in fact, a wet surface is necessary
  • It cannot puncture, tear, or come apart at the seams
  • It does not require protection during backfilling or during placement of steel, wire mesh or other materials
  • It can be applied on either side of a concrete surface – the negative or the positive (water pressure) side

Xypex Delivers Long-term Value

  • Permanent one-time application, Xypex reactivates and self-heals whenever water is present
  • Lowers whole-life cost of the project
  • Lowers maintenance and rehabilitation costs
  • Extends service life of structure by up to three times

Xypex is Sustainable

  • Extends service life
  • No VOC’s
  • Reduces construction time
  • Reduces maintenance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reduces human presence on site
  • LEED accreditation

Xypex, Extending the Service Life of Concrete

As a building material, there is no doubt that concrete is unrivalled, which is why much of our built environment, far into the future, will continue to depend on concrete for its buildings and infrastructure. However, as a building material, concrete faces two major challenges: Ensuring that concrete maintains its performance over time and the high carbon footprint that comes with it.

In this video, members of the Xypex leadership team explain how Xypex helps the concrete industry around the world meet these challenges by significantly extending the life of concrete structures using a proprietary crystalline waterproofing technology that is environmentally friendly and can extend the service life of structures from 50 to 150 years.

Xypex Chemical Corporation’s global family of waterproofing products protect and repair concrete structures in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Supported by a worldwide network of representatives, distributors and licensees, proven through years of service, and specified in thousands of construction projects around the world, Xypex products set the standard of excellence for waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete. We are committed to providing our customers knowledgeable, responsive and reliable service and manufacturing products that reduce negative impacts on climate while sustaining the natural environment.

Feature Projects

Explore our expanding list of Project Profiles to learn how Xypex Crystalline Technology waterproofs, protects and repairs concrete.
General Construction Foundation

Vietcombank Tower


Very high water tables and hydrostatic pressure have been consistent below-grade problems for most buildings in the area. Bachy chose Xypex crystalline waterproofing products over all others because of their proven capability in resisting hydrostatic pressure even under extreme conditions.

General Construction Foundation

409 and 499 Illinois


With an especially high water table at 8 feet below grade, the possibility of saltwater attack, and a garage design calling for two parking levels at 30-ft below grade, developers faced a far greater concrete waterproofing and protection issue than normal. Architects specified Xypex Admix C-1000 NF to waterproof and protect the below-grade slabs and perimeter walls.

Dams & Irrigation

The Rihand Dam


Xypex Crystalline Technology resulted in the strengthening and durability enhancement of Rihand Dam requiring no further major rehabilitation in the long term.

General Construction Foundation

ION Orchard


Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was chosen not only because it was the most reliable solution for waterproofing and protecting the critical substructure – the basement and roof concrete slabs – but, because it is blended into the concrete mix at the time of batching, it offered considerable control benefits in the overall construction scheduling process. Xypex Concentrate was used to waterproof construction joints.

General Construction Foundation

Studio City


Studio City Macau is built on the reclaimed land of Cotai next to the South China Sea. Because of its proximity to the ocean a major concern was the chloride content of the high water table. Because of its proven track record for resistance to hydrostatic pressure and chloride attack, Xypex Admix was used to waterproof and protect over 46,000 m3 of concrete in the basement slab and walls.

General Construction Foundation

United States Air Force Academy


It was necessary to renovate the concrete slabs within the parade grounds and the Terrazzo. The concrete had deteriorated badly due to exposure to de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and harsh Colorado winters. 30,000 lb of Xypex Admix C-500 was blended into the concrete mix to waterproof and protect the concrete.

General Construction Foundation

Setia Spice Convention Centre


Xypex Admix C-1000 NF, Xypex Concentrate, and Xypex Modified were used to waterproof more than 50,000 m2 of ‘exposed’ concrete structures throughout the entire Setia Spice Convention Centre complex, including the subterranean basement structures, concrete water tanks, internal wet areas, swimming pool, roof gardens and the concrete flat roof were all waterproofed and protected using Xypex products.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

River Islands Sewage Pump Station


Xypex Bio-San C500 admixture was proposed by PACE Advanced Engineering and then chosen by the City of Lathrop as an alternative to the specified system. Bio-San C500 contains Xypex’s antimicrobial crystalline technology. Xypex Megamix II with Bio-San was used for the minor repairs and to fill the 600 taper tie holes.

General Construction Foundation

National Centre of Infectious Diseases


Prior to selection, the Xypex Crystalline Technology was tested to EN12390-2 (Water Penetration Under Pressure). The project specification required a maximum water penetration of less than 15 mm and the Xypex Concentrate and Admix treated samples achieved average water penetration of 5 mm and 10 mm respectively at 29 days.


Second Orinoco River Bridge


Concerned about water seepage and possible corrosion of the reinforcing steel in the concrete forming the base for the railway, Xypex was used to waterproof and protect it. Prior to the Xypex application, there was already obvious leakage from the concrete. This problem ceased after the application of over 63,000 lb of Xypex Concentrate to the concrete base and walls underlying the rail track.

General Construction Foundation

Tun Razak Exchange


The karst land surrounding the TRX development meant that waterproofing of the below grade structures was critical. Xypex Admix C-1000 NF was chosen to waterproof the concrete used in the vehicular tunnel slab, drainage sump pit, and the basement car park. 130,000 m3 of concrete were mixed with Xypex Admix C-1000 NF.

Power & Utilities

Szabolcsbáka Transformer Station


The planned cost of proofing and chemical protection was reduced by almost 50%, almost US$ 75,000, and construction schedule savings of 3 weeks were achieved by using Xypex products instead of traditional coatings. Since Xypex Admix is blended into the concrete mix at the time of batching to waterproof and protect concrete from the start, no additional workers, coatings, or application time is needed.

General Construction Foundation

IKEA Facility


IKEA consultants chose Xypex Admix C-Series as the stand-alone waterproofing material for the grey water tank, domestic water tanks, fire water tanks, generator rooms, and loading docks. The client has also accrued extra value because the ‘application’ of Xypex Admix is a much simpler process, employing a smaller work force on site for shorter periods of time – an unplanned yet most significant ‘bonus’ during of the advent of COVID-19 in 2020.


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